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Rappahannock Concert Association Donors

We invite you to become a Donor of Note and help us promote our music-education outreach programs in area schools. Your donation also allows us to enhance the quality of our professional performances. Contributions may be deductible to the greatest extent allowable by law. RCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation under the provisions the Internal Revenue Code.

Up to $99 = Grace Note
$100 to $199 = Quarter Note
$200 to $299 = Half Note
$300 & up = Whole Note

Many thanks to our “Donors of Note”

Subscribers who donate are invited to student outreach programs.

How do we use your donations?

Donations subsidize artists’ fees and pay for student outreach programs, impacting hundreds of youngsters. In addition, we gift funds to local music teachers so they can:

  • Purchase and refurbish high school band instruments
  • Pay for items that support choral and band music programs
  • Pay for students to participate in area choral and band events
  • Purchase musical instruments for elementary and middle school music programs

RCA’s Giving History: 2011-2020

For the past ten years, your generous gifts to our “Donors of Note” program have supported music education for thousands of Northern Neck music students, in grades K – 12. These gifts supported:

  • Instrument purchase and repair
  • New instructional materials and sheet music
  • A sound system and balance/stability chairs
  • Joia Tubes, glockenspiels, Orff Instruments, Chau Gongs, ukuleles, and Boomwhackers for elementary music programs
  • Ukuleles and a Williams Console Digital Piano for middle school students
  • Video projector featuring the software “SmartMusic”
  • Bass amp, concert tambourine, and 6 music stands
  • Electronic keyboards for music theory instruction
  • Manhasset Symphony Stands and M54 Regal Conductor’s Stand, Behriner ULTRABASS BXL900 90-Watt 2-Channel Workstation
  • Octavos for a 60-member choral program
  • Steel drum (Pitched percussion and intervals)
  • Student scholarships
  • Student participation in music festivals and other music events
  • Band Uniforms